Thursday, March 20, 2008

Okay time for another weekly update, not that there is much to tell, lets see. Oh last weekend our neighbours, who happen to be friends of ours moved in. The kids were quite excited and it was pretty good to see them outside playing with other children instead of being inside! Justin's Mum came over and took me to the plant shop that we had a voucher for as it was having a sale as she is quite determined we get the front entrance garden done. So I managed to pick some plants out, man they aren't cheap. They didn't have the actual trees we wanted but that's okay we will do that another day. so after we had lunch her and I spent the afternoon doing the garden. We went around to her house to grab some more plants from her garden and they had visitors and Paul said no you can't have your table( as our outdoor table and chairs are at their house) as we are using them. They were on their second bottle of wine! I hadn't even realised what the time was as it was such a beautiful day and being so busy it was almost tea time. Luckily we were going next door for nachos so I didn't have to cook. the rest of week I have been working. Kids are fine and looking forward to Easter weekend. okay that is all from me. Hope all is well with you all. Talk to you soon.

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