Monday, April 14, 2008

well another weekend has been and gone, they sure don't last long do they?

I must apologise (not that they know i have a blog) to the girls at work as they did come out to Rolleston last weekend for the house warming but forgot some vital information, like where I lived and or my phone number!!!!!

Laura didn't have dance this weekend as some competition was on, so it meant that I got to go and watch Alexander play rugby! Which alos means I took a heap of photos!!! Here are just a couple.

He played out at Glentunnel which is where my parents have a little farm and they happened to be out there this weekend so they also came and watched. His team won and he did well considering he was on for the whole game. We kept thinking they should take him off as he looked pretty tired but he was doing okay. he got tackler of the day which was pretty cool to be there for, It's very good they stay after the game and have some food provided by the home team, and his team even have dress tops to put on after the game, its so cool!! Well I think so.

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