Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let's see, its the school holidays here and I have taken the first week off. Unfortunately we are not going away as I still have to work at the other job, that's the problem when you have two jobs!!
It was a beautiful first day though and so I took the kids into the gardens to get some nice autumn shots, but don't think I did that good a job. I love the red of some trees at this time of the year but only really found a couple at the gardens. we met Justin in there for lunch as well so that was nice, the botanic gardens run a puzzle quiz where you have to go and find things in the gardens which we did one other time. they are good fun free entertainment and kept the kids busy for awhile. Funnily enough the kids weren't even to old to play on the playground, it was nice to see that Laura even helped a little kid on the flying fox, that's always a good feeling.
We also did some shopping, even though Alexander wasn't excited about it. We did have some items that we needed to get, like a new bike helmet for Laura and some new school shoes for Laura but we didn't get either of those she got some cute camo slip on shoes though and sore lots of nice clothes that she liked! Alexander got a new highlighter for school, Justin got a paper tray for his mail and well I got the groceries or as the kids said I got to spend the day with them, which I agreed was priceless!!!! I will upload some photos tomorrow when the battery has recharged. I have spent the morning looking at blogs layouts thanks to Megan but still just went with a normal fixed template. I would really love something with scrolls and nice colours but have no clue how to do it! so this will do until I change it. take care.

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Megan said...

:o) Your welcome!!!

If you find one that has a template you then just go into the html bit and at the top it says upload template, and it does it all automatically! But make sure you save your original one, otherwise like me you lose everything you used to have!!!
If you find one you like and need some help give me a yell!