Friday, February 1, 2008

Last real day of school hoildays and I offered to take the kids to the beach or pool but they weren't interested. I so want to go to the beach, I haven't been all summer and thought the kids would love it. they had so much fun last year but no they weren't keen. Then had the fantastic idea of taking a picnic tea and meeting Justin at the beach or even a pool but of course he is exactly the same as the kids and wasn't keen. So we did nothing!!! well we did some shovelling of stones, or I did and some dirt for abit this morning and after lunch we went and picked up the kids new school uniforms. The school has just introduced a new uniform and it does look better than the old one but it was an expensive mission, I still need to get Alexander some black shoes but I will do that tomorrow. we walked down to the school to get the uniforms and it was hot and windy so I offered to go via the supermarket on the way home to get an ice block and the kids even turned that down. Now that is weird I mean its not often I offer to buy an ice-block and for them to turn it down? What's up with that?

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