Thursday, February 7, 2008

This is the children in their new uniforms just before I took them to their new school on Monday. It was exciting and nervous time for all of us I think. Laura felt a little weird as the school has just brought in a new uniform and of course only a few were wearing it so everyone kinda kept looking at her. alexander's isn't that much different to the current one really so it wasn't so bad for him. Laura knew one girl in her class that use to go to the same dance group as she did so that was nice. alexander was buddied up with a boy, not to sure how that went as when I got home and asked how it all went and if he played with him at lunch it was a no. Both responed to 'how was your day?', with a "good" and that was it!!! I bascially had to interogate them to get any information. Then when Justin asked them the exact same thing they said 'good' again. Obviously didn't learn the first time.

What else has been happening well I had a job interview the other week which was fantastic and I didn't think I was really bothered if I didn't get it or not you know the whole change and comfort thing but when she rang on Friday to say no, I was a little disappointed but I knew why as I didn't have enough experience in that industry and she bascially said the other two had more experience.(there were two vacanices) It would have been a great opportunity and I kinda the whole timing thing was perfect but I guess not. I should be grateful I got an interview. Out of 43 they interviewed 16.

Work has been work, I am hoping to change my role and hours so instead of being a saleperson I will be a merchandiser. I am hoping it will give me more time at home, and means I it will be more convenient. I am having the whole working and being a Mum issue at the moment. I just feel like I am never here really, not that the kids seem to mind all they are interested in is the TV or computer!

Well that is all I have a whole list of things to do before I head to work and I have only done 2 of them, including this one. Hope all is well, would love to hear from you all.


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