Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Shelley!!
I hope you have a fantastic day, sorry I can't be there. I have sent a card and small gift but of course it won't get there until way after your birthday.
So I haven't really got a lot to tell you all as not really a lot has been happening.
Laura's dance is going fine, she missed a couple of the first classes due to not being organised and being able to find the place.
Justin was away for 3 days this week so the kids have been staying the nights at grandmas as I have work in the morning.
Alexander is fine, I think, he doesn't really say alot. He did get upset the other night at grandmas but I think he was just tired as by the sounds of it he had been up late again.
Our to be neighbours (friends of Justin's) stayed for tea on Saturday and watched a movie with us. It was nice to have people over. I want to have a house warming but Justin doesn't seem that keen and it sounds like our neighbours will have one before us, she did say to me ages ago to wait until they moved in so we have and she said we are better to organise it ourselves but that was about as far as we got. I don't know who to invite, whether to have it as an afternoon tea thing or a evening bbq. So it will probably be like our engagement party, never happen.
I got some quotes for prices to take the kids to the gold coast in July. Holy cow, its not cheap is it. Justin hasn't looked at them yet but he doesn't even sound keen. we should just chip away at our mortgage was one of his comments. It is kinda of role reversal as I am normal the one who doesn't want to spend any money!
I did try and scrapbook the other week and finally managed to finish my page i started a wee while ago. My desk is just not big enough though, so I am using that as an excuse at the moment!
Other than that not a whole lot of exciting stuff happening here, how about you? What have you been up to, feel free to leave a comment.
Take care all

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