Thursday, February 14, 2008

Well time for another weekly update, lets see what has happened since then.
  • Justin had his birthday which I splashed out and brought him a ipod nano (which turned out to be faulty) We made him wait all day and gave him some fake presents in the morning, like a bottle of coke, and his computer chair wrapped in ribbon. I think he is pretty happy with it, he didn't exactly show that much emotion considering he should know how much of a big thing it was for me to spend that much.
  • We brought some trees for our garden and planted them, quite amazing how it makes it look different with a few plants.
  • Laura has had dance this week and it has been stressing me out and she wants to do it competivitley but that means three classes and lots of $$$ but its not so much that it is more the fact that it is all the way in town! They do have a sister that teaches in dunsandel but getting the information for that is hopeless. she was suppose to email last night but still hasn't the class is tonight!
  • Justin and I went out with a another couple last night for tea for Valentines Day (really just an excuse to go out) we went to Lone Star at church corner. It was okay, I struggled thru my meal but ate most of it.
  • the rest of the week I was working.

That pretty much sums up my week. How about you? I have added Allyson Bright Meyer to the blogs I visit side bar she is running a some great competitons at the moment. I haven't done any scrapping for ages, I have a few ideas for some pages I want to do or actually more about what I want to say on them just not sure how to do them and really just haven't been in the mood or had the energy. well thats all from me


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